Powabit Ecosystem


Powabit Ecosystem: Creativity For The Future

We seek to provide a different value to our audiences through unique applications and services.
An ecosystem designed to offer differential applications and services for developers and entrepreneurs, as well as for the general public.
Powabit is born from the creative impulse of developers and investors with vast experience in the crypto field. Which through deep analysis, identified needs and improvements in terms of current services and decided to take action.
The main axis is to contribute to the growth and innovation of the blockchain.
The Powabit ecosystem is mainly defined as a group of four sub-ecosystems (called modules) focused on different work areas, but with interoperable functionalities, to guarantee a solid growth of all the entities participating in the ecosystem.
The modules are: PowaDAP PowaNFT, PowaList and PowaEX.
The general utility token of the ecosystem is Powabit ($POWA). Our Token Partners (SBBTC and others) are also integrated, which participate in several of the utilities of the ecosystem.
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